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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 28, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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good evening. breaking news tonight out of new york state where the second of two escaped prisoners is now in police custody. nbc news has confirmed police shot david sweat on the side of the road just south of the canadian border. emergency crews took sweat to a hospital near malone new york. he's expected to be transferred tonight to albany medical center. jay gray has the latest. >> the man hunt ended in constable new york when officers closed in on escaped killer david sweat and opened fire. more than 1,200 police and federal agents had been focused on the thick woods and rugged
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terrain after sweat's accomplice, richard matt was killed friday. as sweat fights for his life in an area hospital an autopsy report released today matt died as a result of at least three gunshot wounds to the head. the report also shows bug bites and abrasions, consistent with living on the woods in in three weeks. the race ended late this afternoon not far from the canadian border. the investigation here the second prison employee arrested accused of helping the men escape will be arraigned tomorrow. >> nbc nightly news will have the latest on the capture of david sweat coming up at 6:30. i look outside and that's where the devastation. we thought we were going to die. >> awaiting game that's lasted
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nearly a week. last night's storms only addedríqu insult to injury to thousands of people still without power in south jersey. most of the customers in the hardest hit areas are still without electricity. our team of reporters has been speaking with those storm victims and local officials who are questioning the emergency response from the state. let's begin tonight with randy live in clarks borrow. >> reporter: just look at the size of this tree behind me. it toppled tuesday night, actually falling+4 onto a woman who lives inside this home. five days later, this tree is still here. for a lot of people power remains out. and the big question is who foots the bill when trees start flying through the air. on day five of the cleanup, neighbors were greeted by heavy machinery, a positive sign, but
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the carcasses of broken trees scatter everywhere. >> if it would have fallen, it would have crushed the house and probably all of us in it r$ @r(t&háhp &hc injuries when it collapsed. >> and the tree fell and she was underneath. and then after the storm the neighbors all came out to check what was happening. they could hear her holiday lar. >> reporter: a few streets down, power poles are finally going up. people here hoping the lights and ax turndf; on soon. they say it now could take until monday because last night's terrible weather slowed things down. and now amid the destroyed garages, torn up roofs and damaged property bills are quickly piling up. insurance experts tell us if a tree hits your house or car, that will be covered, the tree
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will be removed. but if it falls without hitting any property just landing on your yard you'll have to clean that up out of your own pocket. >> they're not going to pay for any of the tree cleanup. >> reporter: this big tree here is a good example. homeowners tell me it's about a $5,000 quote to remove this from the yard. they say they've already gotten about 1,500 claims from new jersey and pennsylvania. nbc 10 news. >> an emergency declaration will help in any way, i'll be happy to do it. >> new jersey governor chris christie told nbc 10 friday that fema was assessing the storm damage in south jersey. but for some local elected officials, the state's emergency response has not been good enough. sydney long is live from begins
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town. you just heard from the mayor and council members. what did they have to say? >> reporter: well, the mayor of gibbstown, says these towns have been devastated>2k y $7.5 millionry:e in damages. even the police radio tower it is folded in half the top now touching the ground. and this, tied directly to public safety. he said he is upset and tired of hearing report that's the governor's office has been in constant contact with them on how bad the damage is here, he says that is simply not true. >> since the storm came through, whatever they're calling it this was the first town that was hit. >> reporter: the first to be hit and dead last in line for recovery. residents along with the mayor of the county have had enough. >> i am disheartened by the governor's lack of response to our needs.
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as a fellow republican i have been good to him from day one. as a community, this township has been good to him. the governor repaid us by forgetting us in our time of need. >> reporter: they are not convinced governor christie is aware of how hard this storm packed. the electric crews came rolling up. they had six trees fall on their property, one crushing their home. >> the governor has been quoted as saying if there is7d ign one. our message to our governor is sign it. then maybe we see someone from fema. this town is going to be recovering for months. >> reporter: now, the governor today did thank south jersey families for their patience and resilience resilience.
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99% of those without power have been restored. still 25% without power here about 250 households. nbc 10 news. they're trying to figure out what knocked power out to hundreds of people in philadelphia's chinatown neighborhood this morning. they tell us only three customers are now without power near 8th and ray streets. here are some updated power outage numbers for you tonight. atlantic city electric is working to restore electricity to more than 16,000 customers. more than 1,400 outages reported in the philadelphia area. while delmarva has more than 250 customers without power. our entire weekend was not a washout. today turned out to be dry and cooler summer sunday. our meteorologist is tracking &n7) tonight's much calmer conditions
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and breezy too. >> it is breezy. you saw on the widehg ay and a really nice night. 72 in allen town 72 in lancaster. a little cooler though, mt. pocono. we have a breeze in place out of the southwest. we're looking at winds from five to 15 miles per hour. gusting a little higher than that. a really nice june evening. by 7:00 breezy. 11:00, 69. we'll talk more about the nice start to the workweek and then we're tracking several chances for some storms. new information on a deadly crash crash overnight in southwest philadelphia. this was the scene on island avenue. police say a car veered off the street and onto the trolley tracks hitting a septa utility pole just before 3:00 this
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morning. that pole fell on the car. a passenger died. the cause of the crash remains under investigation. police in ocean county are asking for help identifying a man they say punch add walmart worker. investigators say the loss prevention employee confronted the man as he tried to leave the lacy township store without paying for a $6 item. then the man took off. if you have any information on the man in the photo, call lacy township police. next a rocket launch that ended in an explosion. what nasa officials are saying about its third failed flight to the international space station in recent months. plus several cities celebrate pride weekend just two days after the supreme court's decision on same-sex marriage.
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spacex is trying to determine what went wrong with a rocket launch this morning. it was headed to the international space station with a cargo of supplies. it exploded about two memberships after lifting off from the kennedy space center. this was the third cargo mission to the space station to fail in eight months. all right. looking at a beautiful night tonight and a really nice start to your workweek. but we are tracking several chances for storms and also the run of 90 degrees in your seven-day. we'll look at that in just a few minutes.
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from our nbc 10 jersey shore bureau the former tr?pñ casino won't be reopening any time soon. that's because its owner filed a deed restriction which prevents it from being used as a casino for at least a decade. the move was done to avoid potentially higher taxes under a bill that governor chris christie could soon sign. the former casino closed this past september. just two days after the supreme court's historic decision on marriage equality, andrew cuomoée same-sex wedding. it took place in new york's gwen itch village. the governor also took part in
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the pride parade in manhattan today. wl today marked day two of america's largest independence day celebration. the welcome america festival continued with a community day. volunteers painted park benches and bleachers at the samuel recreational center. they chose port richmond because of the kindness the community showed in response to last month's amtrak train derailment. get the full line up of events on the nbc 10 news app. it's a free download to your smartphone or tablet. well, no heavy rain in sight today at the tall ship festival at penn's landing. the army band concert as well as fireworks show. sorry. the fireworks were rescheduledso
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for tonight at
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looking outdoors, a really pretty picture tonight. we're going to keep that in place throughout tonight. mostly sunny skies on monday before things start to change. a few light showers to the north and west. these are really quick to move through. don't be surprised if you do see a sprinkle or two. then we're going to completely dry it out overnight. wake up monday morning with dry conditions. dry all day long on monday. in the afternoon, nice conditions. we head towards tuesday and things begin to change. then it's later on tuesday a boundary comes through. that's going to bring us a chance for scattered thunderstorms, possibly showers later on tuesday. keep that in mind tuesday and that will stay with us on wednesday. tonight, partly cloudy and breezy. 62 in philadelphia. tomorrow you're going to love this one, this is the nicest day of the workweek. 79 to 82.
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86 is normal for this time of year. not bad at all. we'll see the sun setting at 8:34. seven-day forecast tuesday a chance for late storms 88 degrees.& scattered storms once again on wednesday. thursday, mostly sunny. chance for a storm mainly to the south. friday, chance for showers 85. saturday hopefully the early showers will be out of here. hot and humid on sunday. i told you to e-mail denise about wearing purple today. coming up back in the fold. he weighs in. and a double header with the nationals. while game was up game two was0j better. we'll show you when we come back.
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hey, welcome back. it was a double dip, and no we're not talking about your favorite ice cream. the phillys and nationals played an old school double header today. this little guy's first game. bottom two, taking a pitch up and out to left. phillies jump on top 1-0. struggling in the field, though. can't handle the hop off the wall and then tries to throw it and simply can't. sometimes you can only laugh at yourself. here in the fourth struck out nine in seven innings. michael taylor one to left field. that scores a run. it's 2-1 nationals.
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jake's pitch gets away. run scores on the pass ball. phillies lose game one 3-2. things a lot better here. check out the reflexes here in the second game. coming up with a nice grab. bottom two at the dish spanks one up the middle. 3-0 fighting phils. brown at the plate next. phillies get four in the inning to lead 4-0. mowed the lawn and trimmed the hedges. two-run shot for the phil li lis. to hockey the flyers traded defenseman nicholas grossman in return for sam yesterday. today, he addressed the possibility he may never suit up for the orange and black. >> i honestly, i couldn't even give you a ball park.
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from the conversations i've had, it's just trying to figure out where i fit amongst the cap. they said they like me as a player and they're going to try and make it work. i have a lot of people to prove wrong and i plan on doing that. i always want to be the best i can be. to hoops, decker drafted 18 overall by the rockets. mom making sure he stays grounded. she tweeted out this picture of her nba son mowing the family lawn. that's sports. stick around. we'll be right back.
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celebrating the 100th anniversary of big brothers big sisters southeastern pennsylvania.
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they hosted their 12th annual picnic at the philadelphia's franklin square.cñ> oh, my gosh. perfect. >> it cleared out. >> last night, we had all that rain. finally cleared out. we had a few showers this morning. we went to the franklin institute. a lot of people were out and about and we love to see that. we're going to start out the workweek really nice as well. mostly sunny skies. temperatures not all that bad for late june. right around 891 degrees. then things begin to get unsettled throughout the workweek. we'll see that humidity bump up. that's going to bring us a chance for late storms on tuesday, afternoon hours wednesday. chance for storms on thursday. then a repeat performance friday, saturday and sunday sunday. >> that's nbc 10 news for now. we'll see you at 11:00.
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on this sunday night, captured. the remaining fugitive taken into custody after being shot and wounded by police in upstate new york. details of the manhunt and capture. mission failure. a supply rocket explodes after liftoff. it's the third failed attempt in just eight months. what went wrong. is it a serial killer? a small town on edge. several women found murdered and others are missing. an nbc news investigation, shocking allegations against a v.a. hospital claims that overmedicated patients with deadly results. hero on mt. everest. the risky mission to save those trapped at the top of the world. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york


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